Launching a Business as a Woman Business Owner

It is Women's History Month. ReeseLaw is a woman-owned law firm that prides itself on the leadership roles it has taken in its practice areas and the community. In the most recent episode of the Family Matters podcast, Kate Reese had the opportunity to speak to Kelly McLaughlan, founder, and CEO of KME digital, about her experience as a business owner and a mother. The conversation covered many aspects of Kelly's leadership, including origins, growth, and challenges.

Family Drives the Woman Entrepreneur

According to a study published in a leading scientific magazine, Nature, family is a significant factor for women deciding to become entrepreneurs. It is a matter of necessity - women need flexibility in their schedules in order to juggle work and family obligations. But also, family resources encourage woman entrepreneurs to take on the challenge of owning their own business. Kelly is a case in point. In 2006, with four young children at home, Kelly formed KME to accommodate her family's needs. She was joined by her husband in the business, which helped the company flourish. According to Kelly, "I knew I wanted to have my own business so that I could make my family a priority."

Experience and Expertise Effect Change

KME and ReeseLaw have a lot in common when it comes to the development of their respective businesses. KME started as a digital marketing firm focusing on SEO (search engine optimization) and Google ads. Time and client demand expanded the business to offer a wider range of digital marketing services, so that today, KME offers web development, social media support, graphic design, and marketing automation. Similarly, ReeseLaw was founded by Kate Reese as a family law firm in Northern Virginia, and, with time and focus, it has developed a sophisticated ADR (alternative dispute resolution) practice including mediation and collaborative law.

Growth Brings New Roles

In the early days of KME, Kelly describes herself as a "doer." She rolled up her sleeves and did the digital marketing along with her team. As the company grew, she undertook greater leadership responsibilities, including financial management and assuring her team had the resources they needed. With a team of 25, Kelly takes culture very seriously. The pandemic posed a challenge because the team dynamic was more difficult to foster virtually. "We had to get creative to keep our people engaged and interactive, but I am so glad that we are able to meet in person again," said Kelly. Business ownership requires adaptability, and KME has allowed Kelly to evolve as a leader and an entrepreneur.

Kate and Kelly thoroughly enjoyed their conversation about leadership and business ownership. As two impressive women who went out on their own and thrived, they have a real connection. Today, both of them are at the top of their respective fields. If you are interested in connecting with Kelly for digital marketing services, contact KME today. For a consultation with Kate about a family law issue, reach out to ReeseLaw. 

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