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What if you have met with the other party?

Then it is highly unlikely we can meet with you.

What are the client's responsibilities to the attorney?

Primarily they are to cooperate. If information or documents are needed from the client, the client must provide them. You may choose not to follow the advice of counsel, but as long as we are your counsel, we can not support actions or behaviors that impair the case. Deadlines with the court or those dictated by the Rules of the Supreme Court of Virginia, for example, must be met.

What are the attorney's responsibilities to the client?

Primarily to speak for you and look out for your best interests and the best interests of the case. This means that we will communicate with the opposing counsel, any third parties such as guardians ad litem, experts and the court on your behalf. Another key responsibility is to educate the client as noted above.

What Our Clients Say
   This isn't just a another law office.   

This isn't just a another law office. It's a group of people here to help you through likely the most difficult event of your life. At least that's been my experience. Reese Law has been supportive, empathetic and empowering while helping me navigate a difficult separation and divorce. They have an outstanding team dedicated to the mental and physical wellbeing of their clients while maintaining the utmost professionalism and care regarding any children that may also be involved. There are no words to describe how amazing this team has performed in spite of incredibly difficult and sensitive circumstances. I could not have prayed for better guidance through these difficult times. Ms. Reese, Ms. Feldman and Ms. Powes have been monumental and inspirational. My case has not been easy yet they have had the patience of saints.

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