Child Support Modification

Child support is for the children, therefore it cannot be waived permanently by the mother or father, although it can always be modified based upon a change of circumstance, even after entry of a Final Order of Divorce. A change of circumstance may include an increase or decrease in either parents' income, a change in health insurance premiums or work-related childcare costs.


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Can the court consider additional cost factors in setting child support?

Yes, they are called deviation factors. They can include the costs of private school, tutors, and the like.

What does the visitation/timesharing schedule have to do with child support?

If the child or children are with one parent for 90 or more days, a different mathematical calculation is used. If there are two or more children and the children reside primarily in different households, a calculation to address that visitation/timesharing arrangement is used.

Why is child support determined after spousal support?

Because any amount of spousal support payable from one parent to the other is added to the receiver's income and deducted from the payor's income to determine the parties' incomes for the child support calculation.

If a mortgage contribution is being paid, is that factored into income like spousal support?

No, because it is to paid to maintain the asset, not to provide support for a party.

What if the other parent makes less than they should or could?

If they used to earn more and now earn less due to decisions or actions they have taken, or they choose to be under employed, the court can treat them as having higher earnings.

What if there are other children to support?

If the person writing the check is supporting another child, a different calculation is used to keep some of that parent's income in their household for the benefit of the other child. 

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